Oscar Isaac And Nick Kroll Hunt Nazis In The ‘Operation Finale’ Trailer

Oscar Isaac and Nick Kroll don’t usually cross paths onscreen, even if Kroll does tackle some pretty tough issues in his comedy. Still, they’re united in MGM’s Operation Finale, which details the most fascinating intelligence operation post-World War II: The hunt for, and ultimate capture, of Hitler’s lieutenant Adolf Eichmann (played by Ben Kingsley.)

The Eichmann operation, where Israeli intelligence agents tracked Eichmann, who oversaw the deportation of Holocaust victims to death camps, from where he originally hid in Austria all the way to Argentina. It wasn’t that Eichmann was hard to find, not least because of his dimwit sons bragging to women about their Nazi dad, but rather that Argentina tended to reject Israel’s extradition requests. So they had to find Eichmann, figure out his routine, capture him, and smuggle him out of the country, which the trailer shows in some detail, right down to actually shooting in Argentina.

Of course, we know the ending of this movie: Eichmann was found guilty, considering the overwhelming evidence and his own confession. Eichmann’s defense was that he was “only following orders,” which is where that particular phrase comes from. So the movie will focus as much on what it took to not just leave the guy in a field with his throat open as it is about how he was brought to justice in the first place. We’ll see how they handle that particular dilemma September 14th.