John Mulaney And Nick Kroll’s ‘Oh, Hello’ Duo Crashes ‘Portlandia’ For Some Fun With Assisted Suicide

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s new hipster characters, which the pair debuted on a recent episode of Conan, were great, and their opening monologue at the Independent Spirit Awards last weekend was phenomenal. But to be honest, fans of the duo will always love them most for Oh, Hello‘s Gil Faizon (charmed I’m sure) and George St. Geegland, the elderly bachelors Kroll and Mulaney have played respectively for years. And on tonight’s episode of Portlandia, “Peter Follows P!nk,” they enlist Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s Candace and Toni’s help with an assisted suicide.

Well, it’s sort of an assisted suicide, per the suspicious explanation Gil and George eventually give the former feminist bookstore proprietors after a bit of push-and-pull. “We’re here to help a friend. What’s the legal way to say this?” Mulaney’s George begins. “We’re here to assist in a suicide,” Kroll’s Gil helps him out. Of course, as the two would-be wicker salesmen eventually reveal from their competing booth at what looks like an outdoor craft fair, the “suicide” they intend to “assist” with doesn’t really sound like that at all. “This one is going to be illegal,” Gil adds after Toni explain Oregon’s position on the matter.

Portlandia fans can check out the exchange (and more) when the episode airs tonight on IFC at 10 pm ET, thereby finally revealing what Brownstein was teasing on Instagram over the summer.