The ‘Paranormal Activity’ Franchise Will End With ‘The Ghost Dimension’

Since making its debut in 2007, the Paranormal Activity franchise has inspired tons of found-footage horror clones (some better than others), and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has created its own mythology that has left its fans with tons of questions. What’s the deal with sisters Katie and Kristi? Who is Toby? What’s going on in all these houses, and why does it follow people around like a clingy dog?

Some of those questions will probably be addressed in the upcoming Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension, the final film of the franchise that will hit theaters October 23. Producer Jason Blum confirmed that this movie will be the last one and released a few plot details to go along with the new trailer:

The Ghost Dimension, directed by Gregory Plotkin, follows a new family, the Fleeges — father Ryan (Chris J. Murray), mother Emily (Brit Shaw) and their young daughter Leila (Ivy George) — who move into a house and discover a video camera and a box of tapes in the garage. When they look through the camera’s lens, they begin to see the paranormal activity happening around them — including the re-emergence of young Kristi and Katie.

Call me a sucker, but I really dig this franchise, and I’m glad to see it won’t be done to death. But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how things will end, what will still be left a mystery, and who the hell Toby is. Because Tobys are always freaky, ever since I saw Unico as a tiny child.

(Source: Cinema Blend)