The Upcoming ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot Will Have (At Least) Two Bosleys

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In case you hadn’t heard, director Elizabeth Banks is rebooting the Charlie’s Angels franchise (again) with Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. Aside from directing, Banks will be taking on the role of Bosley, the titular angels’ only-ever contact with the mysterious Charlie who employs them at the Townsend Agency. According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, it seems that past and future Star Trek star Patrick Stewart will also be taking on the role of Bosley in the new film.

Per THR, the new Charlie’s Angels film sees the agency as “a security and intelligence service that has teams around the world.” What’s more, Banks and Stewart’s casting in the “same” role suggests that the Bosley character is more of a function than an individual within the agency, in a manner of speaking:

In a twist on the usual proceedings, the project seems to have multiple characters named Bosley, who in the past acted as face of the enigmatic and never-seen owner of the detective agency, Charlie Townsend. Banks is playing Bosley with sources telling The Hollywood Reporter that Stewart is also playing a Bosley.

So, basically, the Townsend Agency is the Borg in this new version of Charlie’s Angels. Get ready to put up a futile resistance to the franchise’s latest incarnation when the movie drops September 27th, 2019.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)