Paul Rudd Ended His DJ Bat Mitzvah Career With An Accidental Lap Dance

Paul Rudd’s former career as a bat mitzvah DJ is a well-documented fact on the internet, after a video surfaced on YouTube a few years back that featured everybody’s favorite goofball actor showing off his sweet air guitar moves at one lucky girl’s 13th birthday. Rudd doesn’t normally talk about those days, but Howard Stern got him to open up on Monday morning while promoting Ant Man.

He says that his DJ career began at a ’50s-themed bar in Kansas City, and when he moved to Hollywood to get into acting, he continued to DJ at weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs on the weekends to earn some extra cash. Despite the unbridled enthusiasm he put out there, Rudd says he did not actually enjoy DJing bat mitzvahs, and he felt like “a bit of a douche” trying to get a bunch of kids to socialize on the dance floor.

He says that it was after back-to-back, marathon bat mitzvah gigs that delirium helped create a character called “Donnie Dweeb” that made him a favorite with his young clientele… until he accidentally gave a 13-year-old girl a lap dance. And he never DJ’d a bat mitzvah ever again.

You can listen to the whole thing below (refresh page of player doesn’t load):

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