Paul Rudd Fulfilled A Geeky Dream On The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Set

There are some things every nerd, deep in their heart of hearts, most wants to do. But only a few of us will ever achieve it, which is why you should be jealous of Paul Rudd, because he managed to run around with Cap’s shield for a bit.

Sadly, Ant-Man won’t be stealing the shield back from Spidey, as much fun as a spider vs. ant battle with a ricocheting shield in the mix would be. Instead, Rudd took an opportunity while Chris Evans went to the bathroom to swipe his shield and run around with it for a few minutes. But, hey, it’s still closer than most of us will ever get. That said, he doesn’t quite get all the nerd cred because he refuses to make a call between Batman and Superman. Come on, Paul, at least say The Atom deserves a crack at the title. Shrinking heroes need to stick up for each other!

Rudd also confessed to James Corden that he felt a little bit starstruck on the Captain America: Civil War set, and that he was the Cousin Oliver of the movie. But really, he should view it as a matter of feng-shui. Both teams need a smart-assed bug-themed hero, or it’s just a completely unbalanced fight. We’ll see how Ant-Man does against the Avengers on May 6.

(Via YouTube)


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