Let’s Take A Look At What The Cast Of ‘PCU’ Has Been Up To

06.11.15 4 years ago 32 Comments

PCU was the ’90s college party movie we didn’t know we needed, but we absolutely did.

Following Tom (Chris Young), a preppy pre-frosh visiting Port Chester University, PCU highlighted the struggles of a frat known as The Pit that was trying to live the classic college movie lifestyle on a campus where everything is exceedingly politically correct. In the words of Droz (Jeremy Piven), the way too old to still be in college leader of The Pit:

“It’s tasteless, disgusting and offensive. I love it.”

With that said, let’s look at the legacy of PCU, a movie that grossed half its $8 million budget, yet continues in our hearts as a cult hit, and which is almost completely responsible for the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (I’ll get to that).

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