Pedro Martinez’s Hall Of Fame Induction Is A Reminder Of This Sandra Bullock Sex Story

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Pedro Martinez deservedly entered the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday, putting a cherry on top of a career that saw him dominant while also having a pretty good time (except for that one time he was caught at a cock fight). But as Sam Laird points out on Mashable, the date of Martinez’s induction holds the key to a pretty humorous story involving Pedro and a 2001 interview with Sports Illustrated for Kids.

As it turns out, Sunday was also Sandra Bullock’s birthday and Martinez shared a very revealing tidbit about Bullock with the magazine as covered in the book Feeding the Monster: How Money, Smarts, and Nerve Took a Team to the Top by Seth Mnookin:

The SI for Kids reporter asked Martinez his favorite color, according to Mnookin.

“Green,” Martinez answered.

The reporter asked Martinez his favorite book, according to Mnookin.

“Whatever,” Martinez answered.

The reporter asked Martinez if he had a secret ambition, according to Mnookin.

“I would like to f*ck Sandra Bullock,” Martinez answered, grinning.

Then the reporter asked the same question again, expecting a better reply.

Martinez had indeed rethought his answer.

“I would like to sleep with Sandra Bullock,” he said.

That’s why Pedro Martinez is probably the last of a certain breed of baseball player. I have my dreams that he and Manny Ramirez can team and start their own restaurant together now that both are out of baseball and living the good life. Then I remember that Manny is probably somewhere eating cereal and staring at clouds to be bothered with running a restaurant.

Still, as pointed out on Mashable, it’s funny how little tidbits like this seem to sync up over time. Happy little accidents, as Bob Ross would say.

(Via Mashable)