A New Jersey Woman And Stephen King Had Totally Normal Reactions To A Pennywise Doll Floating Into Her Yard

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Even if It Chapter Two wasn’t about to arrive in theaters, it’s safe to say that many folks should remain on-guard for potential encounters with Pennywise the clown. One can never be too careful, especially after a wave of ominous clown sightings swept the U.S. in 2016. All that makeup, and those terrifying leers, you know, plus the fact that Stephen King clearly enjoyed scaring the pants off everyone while putting the Losers Club through the paces regarding a child-killing clown who stalks their hometown.

Well, New Jersey resident Renee Jensen found that such fears are not unfounded, allegedly. She told NJ.com that a strange object landed in her yard last weekend, and when she investigated, it was a plush Pennywise doll that had fake “blood” around its mouth and mystery writing (“weirdo occult satanic sh*t”) on its forehead. She was, naturally, taken aback and “jumped” upon seeing the toy. Jensen’s not sure whether a promotional drone-stunt is to blame, but regardless, she doesn’t understand how her isolated Harrington Park home became ground central for a clown touchdown:

“It came at an angle and I just watched this thing, it didn’t hit a single tree and went straight over, just cleared the gate and hit the pine branches and hit the ground,” says Jensen, 42, still a bit shaken from the incident.

She only has one neighbor in the vicinity, and they were not around at the time little Pennywise entered the yard. Even so, “there’s no way they could have launched this thing from their house,” Jensen tells NJ Advance Media. “If you saw how many trees we have and where this thing came from, it made no sense at all,” she says. “It didn’t even hit any of our trees until it was just about to land at our gate. It looked like a dog toy — they sell it at Hot Topic or something.”

You can see photos of the plush doll in question at NJ.com, and Jensen says that police officers who responded to her call “wouldn’t touch it.” So, she burned the thing (which was difficult because toys are coated in flame retardant), and she slept with a knife in a locked bedroom. Can you blame her? Nope. That’s a totally normal reaction, even an expected one, as is the response that Stephen King issued on Twitter after hearing the story. He simply tweeted the iconic line, “We all float down here. You’ll float, too.”

It Chapter Two floats (gotta say it again) into theaters on September 6.

(Via NJ.com)