Pierce Brosnan Is Pleading Not Guilty On Charges Relating To Tourist Shenanigans In Yellowstone National Park

Did Pierce Brosnan really trespass on a protected area of Yellowstone National Park? And if so, would that really be a crime given that he’s a former James Bond? (Not to mention a former centaur in the Percy Jackson movies.) That’s what a report from late last year had claimed. But for whatever it’s worth, the beloved actor is maintaining his innocence.

Per The New York Times, earlier this month Brosnan pled not guilty to two charges over allegedly entering a thermal area of one of the nation’s most famous parks. The incident happened in early November, when Brosnan posted a since-deleted Instagram photo of him standing near what looks like the Mammoth Terraces area of the park, which are famous for their fountains and hot springs.

The water in those springs, incidentally, is scalding and can, according to the National Park Service, “cause severe or fatal burns.” They’re so dangerous that visitors are required to stick to established trails, observing the sights from a distance. In 2016 a man died after slipping and falling into a spring, while last summer a man who was accused of drunkenly wandering off the trail sustained burns after winding up in a thermal area.

In other words, not only did Brosnan allegedly break the law but he also may have put his life in danger. But if he did indeed wander off the trail and lived to tell the tail, as he’s been accused, does that make him more or less of an indestructible 007-like figure?

(Via NYT)