The Power Rangers Have New Suits, Possibly Designed By Tony Stark

Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers movie has already taken a few liberties with the source material. Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa is practically unrecognizable. So perhaps it’s not surprising that the rangers have turned in their Lycra and motorcycle helmets for something a bit more Tony Stark:

The idea behind these costumes, according to the designer, is that it’s alien technology that grows over our heroes as armor, not a costume they climb into. Which makes about as much sense as being stuffed into a singlet with a harlequin pattern, if you think about it. It’s also an interesting parallel with Repulsa’s new look, as she appears to have similar armor that’s gone wrong, somehow.

It’s easy to forget the original show was always a low-budget affair, having first been made for Japanese TV and then having American footage spliced in to carry the action for Western audiences. It’s also easy to forget that the show has had some interesting sartorial choices over the years, to put it diplomatically, although we’re still not entirely sure these aren’t just left-over Iron Man suits, which would be a heck of a crossover in of itself. We’ll see these suits in action March 2017.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)