Quentin Tarantino Went To The Well For His References In ‘The Hateful Eight’

When you’re referencing Lee Van Cleef, Sergio Leone, and John Carpenter in your film, you’re clearly on the right track. With The Hateful Eight hitting Blu Ray at the end of the month, Ollie Paxton edited together some of the film’s more iconic references and matched them with the scenes they inspired in The Hateful Eight.

Seeing some of his own films make the list, including Reservoir Dogs and Django Unchained, isn’t much of a surprise. It’s comforting to see those sly callbacks if you’re a fan of Tarantino’s slate of films. It’s also comforting to see The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly get plenty of love by Tarantino. It would seem like sacrilege if it didn’t.

The nice additions are from the films you either don’t expect or that aren’t exactly in the forefront when people mention the greats. The Great Silence was an obvious reference if you listened to Tarantino’s discussions during Django Unchained. He wanted to make a western set during the winter and got his chance with The Hateful Eight. Also it’s worth a mention because of the madness that is Klaus Kinski. If he’s included, even in a spaghetti western, you should take notice.

Also interesting is the reference to The Last House on the Left, which is the only one that is different compared to the rest according to Paxton:

The ‘Last House on the Left’ is an audio reference, which is why it won’t make much sense. The track ‘Now You’re All Alone’ is used in both scenes displayed and cut short in the exact same manner (gunshot).

Considering that Wes Craven died last year, this reference is thoughtful and a little sly. Also should be a hint that you should check out the original The Last House on the Left immediately.

(Via Ollie Paxton)

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