Quentin Tarantino Gives His Own Brand Of Encouragement To AFI Graduates

Quentin Tarantino has never been one to do something traditional in a purely traditional way, as proven by basically his entire directorial catalogue. The acclaimed director of such films as Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 was on hand to receive an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the Institute when he imparted some important and prevalent advice to the graduates.

Tarantino was direct and to the point, and to his credit it included some things that other Hollywood professionals might not think to add.

“Contribute to the conversation of art. Contribute to the conversation on film, on television, on multimedia. Contribute to the conversation on race. Contribute to the conversation on culture. Contribute to the conversation on America. Contribute to the conversation on the world. Contribute to the conversation on politics…I just want to say, welcome. We need you.”


Race, politics, and incisive critiques on America are things that domestic filmmakers aren’t always focused on tackling due to the fact that there are better paycheck opportunities elsewhere or the material is deemed too sensitive for their target audience. As a new generation of filmmakers and auteurs enter the industry with their own hopes and dreams Tarantino’s message to them is a great reminder to never forget that film can handle a wide range of topics and tones, and (if done right) has the ability to change the world.

(via Vulture)