Remember Christopher Lee’s Life With This Compilation Of His Movie Deaths

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Christopher Lee was one of the most prolific movie greats of all-time: By IMDB’s count, he’s racked up more than 281 acting gigs over his 65+ year career. Best known to the current generation as Saruman from Lord of the Rings and Count Dooku from the Star Wars prequels, he spent a large part of his career playing bad guys. And you know what happens to movie bad guys: They often eat it in unique ways towards the end of the film.

According to Cinemorgue, Lee has died at least 60 times in movies, putting him ahead of guys like Sean Bean (25 deaths) and John Hurt (43 deaths). Sadly, the 93-year-old actor has finally come face to face with death in real life. I can’t think of a better way to remember his career than with the above video compilation featuring dozens of his onscreen demises.

Lee took his role as one of the most murdered men in film with humor. “I could see now that provided I remained fit, the future held many more deaths yet,” he said. “I could only hope that they would serve some purpose, and that perhaps a reputation might come in the same way as a coral formation, which is made up of a deposit of countless tiny corpses.”

R.I.P. Christopher Lee. 27 May 1922 — 7 June 2015

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