Report: Tatiana Maslany Has Landed A Lead Role In A ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

We previously reported that Hip Hop Abs aficanando Tatiana Maslany was up for a lead role in Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars spinoff film, but according to Total Geeks, that rumor is now fact as the Orphan Black star has secured a part. It’s like nerd fan fiction come true.

[She] was recently linked…when her name emerged amongst the likes of Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones who had apparently auditioned for the part. But I was soon contacted by a trusted source, who revealed that Maslany was apparently the front-runner for the role.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any details on what that role might be…except that (as earlier reports suggested) it is apparently the leading role. But I later heard from my source again, explaining that they’d heard that Maslany had landed the role. (Via)

Nothing’s official yet, but Maslany did just drop out of Neil LaBute’s off-Broadway production The Way We Get By due to “film scheduling conflicts,” and considering much of Orphan Black series three, which premieres in April, has already been shot… What I’m saying is, when is Tatiana returning to Parks and Recreation? And can she play every role in the Star Wars spinoff?

She’s already adept at Clone Wars.

Via Total Geeks