Rian Johnson Said ‘F*ck It’ And Reignited The Debate Over ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

The Last Jedi is, I have to imagine, no one’s second favorite movie in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. It’s either your favorite for brilliantly subverting the worst Star Wars tropes, or your least favorite for turning Luke Skywalker into a defeated grump who turns his back on the Jedi. As someone who belongs to the former camp (it’s my third favorite Star Wars movie overall), I wanted to “burn it down” every time I looked at writer and director Rian Johnson’s Twitter mentions whenever he tweeted about the movie.

Heck, Johnson still hears from pissed-off Star Wars fans, five years later, so it’s understandable that he muted the replies to his first The Last Jedi tweet in some time.

“Haven’t touched this stuff in years, but Bryan lines them up and knocks them down so succinctly and with such a pleasant tone, I figured eh, f*ck it. (replies off to spare his timeline),” the Knives Out director tweeted. He was quote-tweeting a thread from writer and filmmaker Bryan Young, who wrote, “I’ve been seeing some interpretations of The Last Jedi in my mentions that are making me scratch my head and wonder if I saw the same movie. So I thought I’d tackle a few of them in a thread.”

The whole thing is worth a read, but here are some highlights:

Young left out the most important reason why The Last Jedi is good, though: porgs.

(Via Twitter/@swankmotron)