The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Cast Reunited For The First Time In 25 Years

For the first time in 25 years, the stars of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, including Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, and, um, Meat Loaf, reunited, something they immediately regretted after hearing someone make a “time warp” joke for the 329,492nd time. Entertainment Weekly brought them together for its annual “Reunions” issue, while Today sat down with the cast for an interview that’s mostly a sad reminder that Curry had a stroke in 2012.

Rocky Horror (which is being remade) is routinely called a “cult classic,” but it’s well beyond that at this point. Most people have seen it, either willingly or they were dragged to a midnight screening as a “Virgin,” and the film’s earned $139.9 million at the box office. That’s $138.5 million more than its budget.

With all that attention, there’s little new information for the cast to reveal, so they mainly stuck to the talking points: Sarandon got pneumonia, Curry based Dr. Frank N. Furter on the queen, Meat Loaf said things like, “I weighed about 315 pounds, I had on a garter belt with fishnet stockings and high-heel shoes.” And they all talked about how much Rocky Horror means to them.

One of the film’s major themes revolves around a few key lyrics. “The thing that resonated for me more than anything was, ‘Don’t dream it, be it,’ which was a really good idea,” Curry said. “Really good slogan.”

Added Sarandon, “I’ve had so many people come up to me and say that film helped them through a dark time.” (Via Today)

Here’s to another 20 years, and 213,534 more “time warp” jokes.

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