Everybody Loves Warren Beatty In This Exclusive Featurette From ‘Rules Don’t Apply’

Until now, Warren Beatty hasn’t directed a film since 1998’s Bullworth (a film about a politician who says offensive things and finds himself become more popular that was apparently 18 years before its time) and has only appeared in six movies since 1978’s Heaven Can Wait. So, yes, it’s a special thing to have a new Warren Beatty movie coming out.

Set in 1958, Rules Don’t Apply finds Howard Hughes (played by Beatty, who also directs) mentoring two aspiring actors, Marla (Lily Collins) and Frank (Alden Ehrenreich, who is about to become a very famous person for playing Han Solo). The two fall in love, which goes against Hughes’ strict policy forbidding romance between actors in his employ.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, we get some insight on what it’s like to be directed by Warren Beatty – which, again, hasn’t happened since 1998, so this is information we only get passed to us every couple of decades or so. And, no, it’s not surprising that in a promotional clip for a new movie that the actors all say they love working with their director, but in this case – we’re talking about Warren Beatty here – this seems like true excitement for the young actors involved. (Alden Ehrenreich gets to work with Warren Beatty, then gets to play Han Solo. Yes, that’s not a bad career stretch.)

Rules Don’t Apply will be in theaters on November 23