Rupert Murdoch Took To Twitter To Address The ‘Exodus’ Race Controversy In The Worst Way Possible

Ridley Scott has his go at trying to address the racial claims against his new movie Exodus: Gods And Kings, but he kinda fumbled the ball as he handed it to “Mohammad so-and-so.” Luckily, Rupert Murdoch is there to pick it up before it hits the ground. He can save it, right?

Nope. I was completely wrong. He probably went ahead and made it a lot worse than it could’ve been. Why not just stay silent on the matter and let the film do the actual talking?

Murdoch tried to clear up what he meant by the Tweet shortly after, but you have to think everyone still stuck on all of his white Egyptian friends. There’s a lot of them.

The responses were mixed at best, mostly towards the anti-Murdoch side of things. I like this one the best because it keeps it simple and can be read like a plea of mercy towards Murdoch. “THINK OF YOUR BRAND, RUPIE!”

(Via Daily News / Rupert Murdoch)