Don’t Let His Looks Fool You, Ryan Gosling Is A Very Funny Guy

They say pretty people don’t have to have a sense of humor, but Ryan Gosling definitely does not fit that bill. The critically acclaimed actor has handled heavy roles from Blue Valentine to Lars and the Real Girl, but can also make people laugh with the best of them. This shouldn’t come as a shock to any fans who recall his humble beginnings hamming it up as a Mouseketeer in the Mickey Mouse Club, but it is still tough to remember since the actor broods on screen more than he cracks jokes. Now that Gosling has hosted Saturday Night Live maybe the industry will stop pigeonholing him as just another actor who looks great in a suit and can cry on command.

After all, he has some of the funniest lines in Crazy Stupid Love and knows exactly how to lighten the mood with a single wink or smile. Unlike some of his fellow Mouseketeer veterans who have been up front about their pasts as Disney sprites, like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, Gosling doesn’t talk about his show business start all that much. Maybe if he was more open about all of the comedic skills he is apparently keeping a secret, we wouldn’t have had to wait this long for his first SNL hosting gig.

What else are you hiding, Ryan?! A penchant for karate? A painting habit that nobody knows about? Regardless of whatever other skills the actor may be hiding, never forget how funny he can be when he wants to show off. Not just a pretty face, that Gosling.