Ryan Reynolds Jokes About What Went Wrong With ‘Green Lantern’

Entertainment Editor
02.15.16 2 Comments

Ryan Reynolds has made no secret of his disappointment in Green Lantern, seemingly only speaking positively about the movie for introducing him to his wife, Blake Lively. He often complains about how he didn’t even know what Green Lantern’s suit was supposed to look like until he watched the first trailer. That must have been one hell of an “oh sh*t” moment. He later took a shot at the Green Lantern’s obvious-CG costume in the first Deadpool trailer: “Please don’t make the supersuit green. Or animated.”

Now Reynolds is speaking candidly about Green Lantern again, because his other superhero movie, Deadpool, far outpaced estimates and broke records for an R-rated movie on a budget of only $58 million. On an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last weekend, Reynolds admitted his other superhero franchise, Green Lantern, “suffers from that typical Hollywood disease which is that we get a poster, we get a release date, we got an actor, we don’t have a script, but we’re just gonna start shooting anyway.”

And that’s how you get a movie about green space jizz that seems to have been focus-grouped into blandness. As we said back when we posted the Green Lantern honest trailer, sometimes when you try to go all “four quadrant,” you just end up being mediocre in four quadrants.

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