Ryan Reynolds Is Attempting To Outdo Sandra Bullock While Serenading Betty White, Of Course

Betty White’s 98th birthday arrived on Friday, and here’s a blast from the past ^^^ with a photo of Ryan Reynolds and the American treasure visiting Jay Leno in 2010.

Naturally, Twitter is awash with her name, along with people checking to make sure that she’s still alive, well, and happy. Amid all that discussion, White’s The Proposal co-stars, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, filmed a joint message to celebrate the legend. Yet I’m thinking about how Reynolds is now difficult to separate from his Deadpool persona, so it sure feels like the late Bea Arthur’s memory is getting the shaft here in favor of another Golden Girl star.

Hey, it’s Betty’s day to shine, so Reynolds posted an Instagram video with a simple message: “Happy 98th Birthday to the one and only Betty White.” Within the clip, though, things get rough. They start out sweet and unassuming, but it becomes clear that Ryan must Reynolds everything up, so he begins to compete with Sandy and overdoes it. Nothing like a little un-friendly competition about who loves Betty, right? Well, we fortunately end up hearing part of the Golden Girls theme song, but not before Ryan sears everyone with an unforgettable mental image of him delivering flowers to Betty while “wearing nothing but black socks and a dozen gold bracelets just like you requested.”

No, thank you for being a friend, Ryan Reynolds.