Ryan Reynolds Wishes Blake Lively Happy Birthday On Twitter In The Snarkiest Way

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Ryan Reynolds has transformed his career from a flagging effort at being a debonaire leading man to a successful snark-fest of supporting characters or leading roles outside of the usual Hollywood mold. It’s been working for him, what with the success of Deadpool and all. It’s also been working for him in his social media presence, where he shows off his sarcastic and snarky side on the regular for all of his fans. Today, he used that snark to wish his wife Blake Lively a happy birthday. Blake is no slouch either, of course. She has a sense of humor too and multiple hit films this year between Cafe Society and The Shallows.

So one can only hope that Lively appreciates the sense of humor in her husband’s birthday tweet.

He’s referring to the fact that Lively shares a birthday with noted mullet-haver Billy Ray Cyrus, which I’m sure is something he reminds her every year and which I’m sure she appreciates being reminded of every year. If on the off chance Blake is a fan of belting out “Achy Breaky Heart” while stuck in traffic on the 405, she’ll be happy to see that Billy Ray himself hopped into Ryan’s mentions and wished her a happy birthday.

Frame these tweets for posterity, Blake. Because there’s nothing like having your husband and an aging country star circumvent wishing you a happy birthday directly in quite this way.