Ryan Reynolds Has An Encouraging Update About ‘Deadpool 3’ Progress With Marvel Studios

Earlier this year, news that the Deadpool franchise (launched by 20th Century Fox to glorious F-bomb effect, twice) would be absorbed into the Disney-run MCU was, well, confusing. Would Marvel Studios tone down the Merc With A Mouth’s mouth? Maybe he’d say “drat” instead of “damn”? And would all the hard-R violence of his first two movies become a distant memory of the past? I mean, it took almost a decade for Captain America to say “ass” on the big screen, and once it happened, everyone was surprised to hear it. It was hard to believe that the red body-condomed antihero wouldn’t be toned down, at least a little bit, and even Reynolds couldn’t resist spoofing how he (who is not unlike Wade Wilson) might get along with Disney.

Well, Reynolds has now revealed that Deadpool 3 (and that’s how it’s apparently being referred to, although it might be an X-Force flick) is actively in the works. Here’s what he said this week while appearing on Live! With Kelly And Ryan:

“Yeah we’re working on it right now with the whole team. We’re over at Marvel [Studios] now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It’s kinda crazy. So yeah, we’re working on it.”

That’s it, no more details offered. However, Reynolds has previously alluded that the next Deadpool movie would definitely go “in a completely different direction” that the previous outings. Whether or not this includes exploring Wilson’s fluid sexuality as laid out in his comic-book origins, one can only guess, although hopes for such an inclusive approach might be in vain when it comes to Disney. It might be a big enough hope that they won’t tone down the character’s mouth and katana moves, along with continued outspoken love for one of the Golden Girls. Whatever the case, it’s clear that Reynolds can exercise his extreme-action itch in Michael Bay movies if nothing else, and he can walk the Disney trapeze a lot more comfortably than Kurt Sutter was willing to do. We’ll see what happens with Deadpool 3 when it happens!

Watch Reynolds’ appearance on Live! With Kelly And Ryan below. His Deadpool remarks come shortly after the 9:00 mark.