Hugh Jackman Is Done With Wolverine, But Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Done Trolling Hugh Jackman

Senior Pop Culture Editor


Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have a complicated relationship. They’re both handsome, talented, world-famous millionaires and… well, I guess it’s not that complicated. But they do enjoy taking the piss out of each other.

Logan, Jackman’s final rodeo as The Man In Adamantium, made north of $85 million at the box office during its first week of release. That’s the fifth highest opening for an R-rated movie ever, and four spots behind Deadpool, which made a record $132 million. Don’t think Reynolds will let Jackman forget who’s numero uno, either: A preview for Deadpool 2 played before Logan, and the Merc with the Mouth spent the weekend trolling Wolverine.

It began with a simple thank you to the good people of Beijing.

That tweet — which might as well have been captioned, “Who has two thumbs and bends bars? This guy!” — was too genuine for Reynolds’ taste.

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