Samuel L. Jackson Sings Karaoke, So Will You Show Him Some Love?

Bill Murray gets all the attention for his karaoke skills, but I bet there are a lot of people in Hollywoodland with hidden singing talents. Kevin James, for instance. I can see that, can’t you? How about Sam Jackson? You might not expect Nick Fury to belt out a song despite his amazing shouting skills but the dude did a movie in a kilt once so he is full of surprises.

In the above video (which was posted on Instagram by Daisy Lowe) Jackson takes to the stage at Abbey Road Studios to sing “Show Me Love” by Robin S, joining musical icons like The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Chevy Chase in the Spies Like Us music video on the list of people who have made beautiful music in that historic building.

So, why was Sam Jackson singing a song at Abbey Road Studios? Apparently it was all for an event held by British GQ in support of One for the Boys, a group that is dedicated to bringing awareness to people about the need to identify the early signs of testicular and prostate cancer.

So, mystery solved and good for Sam Jackson for supporting a good cause. It’s far less important, but I’d also like to commend Jackson for taking a stand in the Robin S/Robyn “Show Me Love” debate. You chose well, Sam Jax. You chose well.

Source: via BroBible, Twitter