Scarlett Johansson Could Play A Central Role In The Upcoming Film About Gamergate

Prepare yourselves because Gamergate is about to enter the land of the dramatic film world. Amy Pascal’s new film company (which she created after leaving Sony), Pascal Pictures, has grabbed up the rights to Zoe Quinn’s unreleased memoirs and is planning to turn them into a film. Better yet, a number of actresses seem to be up for the role of Quinn, with Scarlett Johansson reported to be the lead choice. Deadline provides some of the particulars behind the deal, including an already Hollywood-friendly plot description:

The movie deal was based on a proposal titled Control Alt Delete, and tells the story of how Quinn, creator of the hip interactive game Depression Quest, was targeted by a digital mob bent on upending her life when a blog post by her ex-boyfriend went viral. It sparked the widely-discussed Gamergate controversy and took a surprising turn when instead of running, she decided to fight back. It is a very inside look at gaming and nerd culture and what happens when one gets caught in the gears of that machine.

Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum are set to adapt. Pascal Pictures will finance and Pascal will produce with Rachel O’Connor, and Entertainment 360. The latter got the book proposal early on, and created the package with the screenwriters, who met while working as journalists at the Wall Street Journal.

No word on how much will be covered in the film or if it will even delve deep into the discussions and bile that took over the entire Gamergate topic, but it would seem that Quinn’s personal side will take prominence. It’d be difficult to separate Gamergate from Quinn at this point, but if it could just focus on the nasty bullying that seemed to spark the entire controversy and not the formless beast it has morphed into (all sides involved, pro and against).

My only hope is that Adam Baldwin can play himself in the film. That would be the only real thing I care about in this entire situation. He did coin the term and all.

(Via Deadline)