Seth Meyers Uses ‘The Big Lebowski’ To Give Election 2016 A New Rallying Cry

Seth Meyers didn’t go live for the VP debate on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t prepared to discuss the stakes for Mike Pence going into his showdown with Tim Kaine. For Pence, the weight of Donald Trump’s poor debate performance and the terrible week that followed it were his main obstacles — something he allegedly decided to skip much to the chagrin of his running mate . And why wouldn’t he? Trump had a horrible week full of enough gaffes and soundbites to sink your normal presidential candidate. Enough for Seth Meyers to go back and devote a second segment to his taxes and the attempted spin of that revelation over the weekend.

Most of Meyers’ ‘Closer Look’ segments are pretty cut and dried, mixing in the right amount of anger while letting the craziness speak for itself. But this particular segment gives Election 2016 the rallying cry it should’ve had this entire time, from every pundit and critic of Donald Trump’s campaign to this point. Better yet, it comes from The Big Lebowski.

If you need a refresher, we’ll let the movie do the talking:

Imagine somebody yelling that at Trump right after he descended his golden escalator to call Mexicans a bunch of criminals and rapists. He might’ve immediately gone back up, proceeded to buy another golf course, and left the rest of the nation to ridicule the candidacy of Jeb Bush on their own. Heck, imagine if Hillary Clinton used the line herself during one of the debates. Her likeability might skyrocket her into the presidency on the spot.

No matter, it’s definitely the time in the election where the words of Walter Sobchak come in handy. It’s a good stress-relief.

(Via Late Night)