Seth Rogen Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Kathie Lee Gifford For Not Knowing What Escrow Is

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When it comes to that late hour of The Today Show, you can usually expect some sort of craziness with Hoda and Kathie Lee. Toss in Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne and you know things are going to get wild. When these four get together, it’s pure fire on the television screen because they’ll talk about anything. This particular time, Rogen was around to promote Neighbors 2 and the conversation went to the most salacious of all topics: real estate. You practically hear those Nielsen boxes working overtime during this segment.

Poorly written snark aside, this actually was a pretty funny segment thanks to Kathie Lee Gifford’s lack of knowledge on escrow. Once this comes out, the interview turns into Seth Rogen poking fun at her about it, even with a passing mention:

After the actor’s explanation, Gifford argued Rogen only knew the term because “he lives in California,” but the actor shot back, “No, it’s because I read my paperwork and I’m aware of what’s happening.”

Added a clearly amused Rogen: “You’re so mad at me right now.”

“I really am!” Gifford replied. “Of all the real estate deals I’ve done over the past 40 years, not once was the word escrow used!”

It’s a playful time between the two and Rogen clearly enjoys himself, even tweeting out about the interview:

The only thing missing was the wine. Why a picket fence prop stopped the two hosts from having wine is beyond me. Strap two of those beer helmets on their head and drop some wine in there. This hour of Today needs that infusion.

(Via ET Canada / Today)