Seth Rogen Has Many Questions About His First Encounter With Fellow Pot Enthusiast Snoop Dogg

It’s impossible to list Seth Rogen’s credits without including “stoner.” Try it. “Actor, writer, director Seth Rogen” doesn’t sound right. But “actor, writer, director, stoner Seth Rogen,” now that’s more like it. The same rule applies for “rapper and stoner Snoop Dogg,” so the weed enthusiast’s pasts were fated to cross. And they have, multiple times.

In his memoir, Yearbook, Rogen recounts the first time that he met the rapper born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. He reached out to Snoop to ask if he could perform “Take To Panties Off,” the song sung by Craig Robinson in This Is the End. Snoop agreed. “I arrived at the studio, and soon after, Snoop comes in with, like, four or five people, one of whom is a blunt roller, as in someone whose only job is to roll blunts,” Rogen wrote. Snoop only expected to provide the hook, but when Rogen asked if he could rap a verse too, the rapper thought about it for a moment and replied, “Bring in the hoes.”

From the Daily Beast:

The guy left, and within thirty seconds he returned with five or six women who were very much dressed like strippers at the start of a routine. The producer blasted the beat, and the women danced and drank while Snoop wrote a rap verse on his BlackBerry.

Twenty minutes later, with the verse written, “the hoes” left. “Where were the hoes up till that point? We were not in a big building, and I hadn’t seen them before that moment,” Rogen wondered, but looking back on the encounter, his biggest question now is: “Why have I been saying ‘hoes’ this whole time? I definitely shouldn’t do that.”

You can purchase a copy of Yearbook here.

(Via the Daily Beast)