Seth Rogen Channels Walt Disney In The Latest Teaser For ‘Sausage Party’

You’ve probably seen the nostalgia-laced specials of The Wonderful World of Disney TV series where Walt Disney himself would appear on-screen before and during the broadcasts of his animated movies and programs. But, you’d never guess that Seth Rogen would channel the film pioneer in his very own teaser for the upcoming adult animated comedy, Sausage Party. The comedian premiered the third trailer to the movie on his Twitter account Monday, with classic Walt Disney-esque voice and suit included.

Appearing in what he calls “Seth Rogen’s Animation-Imaginatorium,” the actor talks to Frank, the lead sausage of Sausage Party, who he voices himself, about what viewers can witness in the film on an old school television set. The clip then cuts to a scene where a woman is violently preparing food in her kitchen, much to Frank’s dismay.

Sausage Party follows a group of food items who find out what humans do to groceries once they are purchased and taken home from the supermarket, called Shopwells, where they all live peacefully.

The Green Band trailer, or the PG version of the original R-rated Red Band trailer, was released last week. The adult animated comedy will hit theaters August 12.

(Via EW)