If Your Dream Celebrity Couple Was Tom Cruise And Shakira, We Have Bad News For You…

The real impossible mission for Tom Cruise? Dating Shakira.

After the actor and singer were photographed together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix earlier this month, the tabloids went wild with rumors that they were dating. “He is extremely interested in pursuing her,” a source told Page Six.

But it wasn’t meant to be. The Mirror reports that Cruise felt “giddy” after his interaction with Shakira (“He came away convinced they had a real connection they needed to build on,” a source claimed), but she doesn’t feel the same way. If Jay Leno was still hosting The Tonight Show, this is where — have you heard about this? — he would make a “highway to the friend zone” joke.

The source said that for Shakira, she was simply being “friendly” and posing for photos with Tom one minute, then the next he was seemingly describing her as his “dream woman.” According to the source, the situation is said to have been “too much” for Shakira, who has reportedly since had to deal with questions over whether she was dating Tom.

The source continued, “She doesn’t want to embarrass or upset him, but there’s no attraction or romance on her part – she was just being friendly. She’s flattered but not interested.” You know it’s true because, much like hips, unnamed celebrity gossip sources don’t lie.

(Via the Mirror)