Sharon Stone Drops A Hint About Her Upcoming Marvel Character

After her experience in Catwoman, Sharon Stone would be forgiven for wanting to just stick with the dramas and leave the superheroes alone. But she’s signed on for a small job at Marvel, and, of course, the speculation immediately began as to who she’d be playing. Now Stone’s dropped another hint, and it’s more or less blown previous speculation out of the water.

Some truly dedicated nerds dug out a tidbit about Stone’s role in a long piece from the AARP about actresses over fifty. Yes, we are turning to the AARP for Marvel news. Anyway, early on in the article, talking about upcoming roles, we get this:

Woodard’s character is a villain in Marvel’s anticipated Netflix series Luke Cage; Stone has been cast as a superhero — she’ll only reveal that her secret power is heat — in a yet-to-be-named movie, also for Marvel.

Well, uh, that doesn’t clear anything up. There aren’t a lot of Marvel characters with heat powers in the first place, but there are a few options. One would be Nova, which is interesting for two reasons: This particular take on Nova spends all her time in space, so she’d probably be running into either Thor or the Guardians of the Galaxy. And she also happens to be the herald of Galactus, a foe of the Fantastic Four. Both are also already either filming or close to production, so Stone’s presence in either would make sense, especially as it sounds like she’s only on the set for a few days.

Or James Gunn might be bringing the 1969 version of the Guardians of the Galaxy into the mix, as that team includes Nikki, a woman genetically engineered to live on Mercury who can withstand incredible heat and has burning “hair” she can use as an offensive weapon. It’d certainly be Gunn’s style to include a shout-out to the original Guardians, especially since he’ll hide a reference inside a reference. Either would be a clever little nod to Marvel history, so we’ll keep an eye out as those movies get closer.

(via io9)