Shia LaBeouf To Hitchhike Across The Country Because That’s Apparently Art

Whether you think Shia LaBoeuf is an iconoclast or an idiot, there’s no denying that his continued endeavors to find #art rarely fail to raise an eyebrow. And don’t look now but he’s back at it.

LeBoeuf and a pair of “collaborators” are spending a month bumming rides across the country for a project they refer to as #TAKEMEANYWHERE. Per Vice, the idea is to, as LaBoeuf puts it, “try to retain a naïveté, or that’s the goal. The goal is to sort of stay naïve, stay impressionable, stay malleable.” No word on whether or not LaBoeuf understands the inherent irony to be found in this description. Once LaBoeuf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner complete their journey — which fans can follow courtesy of this handy interactive map — the Finnish Institute in London and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art will each screen a documentary on the trip.

Hopefully LaBoeuf won’t get in the kind of hot water that came with his multiple bouts of plagiarism from a couple years ago, and will instead be as harmless as when he rode an elevator for 24 straight hours and broadcast it on the internet or sat in a theater watching every movie he’s ever appeared in with fans. Why he’s chosen this path for himself instead of the Hollywood mega-stardom that was within his grasp after the first two Transformers movies and the most recent Indiana Jones chapter is anyone’s guess. But he is still acting when not doing performance art pieces, having appeared in Cannes hit American Honey and set to play tennis icon John McEnroe in an upcoming project.

But until then, be on the lookout for a strange movie star looking guy if you’re out on the open road any time soon. It may just be Shia himself.

(via The Wrap)