Ranking ‘Showgirls’ Unsexiest Sexy Scenes

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09.22.15 3 Comments


There’s a part of the brain that will always react to seeing nudity on the screen, especially when we’re in the throes of puberty. But as we mature, we usually become a little more picky and maybe we require more than a flash of bare skin. That’s the challenge that filmmakers are faced with when they use sex to tell a story: They have to seduce the audience.

Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas knows a little bit about that. The king of mainstream erotic cinema in the ’90s, Eszterhas wrote Basic Instinct, Jade, Sliver, and, of course, 1995’s NC-17 rated Showgirls, which starred Saved by the Bell alum Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi, a stripper with big dreams who finds the darker side of fame in Las Vegas. But while Basic Instinct is considered a classic, Jade has been all but forgotten, and Sliver is (maybe unfairly) dismissed as just bad, people still don’t know how to classify Showgirls. Is it a cult classic? A satire? Is it a big-budget skin flick? How about this: Is it even erotic?

Part of the problem with Showgirls is that it offers little more than wall-to-wall nudity in its attempts titillate. There is no real seduction. With that in mind, and with the urge to look back due to the film’s landmark anniversary, it seemed like a good time to take a look back at Showgirls‘ many nude scenes and rank the five least sexy ones.

Warning: Some of the situations discussed and the images used in this article are mildly NSFW.

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