The Latest ‘Sicario: Day Of The Soldado’ Trailer Expands The Drug War And Borrows A Bit From ‘Logan’

The latest trailer for the sequel to Sicario comes with a new title and some plot details. It also might remind folks of Logan just a bit, but in all the good ways and without the mutants running around. While this is the second trailer we’ve seen for the film, we can now get a feel for what the film will be about and how it will expand the drug war from the first film into an actual war in the second. It would seem that Josh Brolin is going to get “dirty” in Mexico in the light of day and the Mexican government is going to get the brunt of it.

At least it seems that way until Benicio del Toro ends up at odds with Brolin and has to go on the defense against the forces he was helping while also protecting the daughter of the man who killed his family. The Logan comparison might seem cheap, but it was the first one that came to mind with the color scheme and dynamic at play. There’s no shortage of films you could compare it with, but the basic idea seems to serve a more action-packed continuation of the first film.

Will it be on the same level as the previous film? Probably not. Not many sequels are and that’s some hefty praise to overcome without some of the players from the first film involved. That said, it looks like it should satisfy those looking for more time with the characters from the first film and Taylor Sheridan is writing the screenplay. It’s kinda like John Wick: Chapter 2, giving you the John Wick experience you likely didn’t need but will enjoy anyway.

(Via Sony Pictures)