Sinbad Finally Made That Genie Movie He Was Never In

According to the collected internet, Sinbad played a genie in a movie called Shazaam in the ’90s. Except, he didn’t. Or at least he says he didn’t. There’s an army of Reddit commenters who are willing to debate Sinbad on the subject, and the whole, weird misremembering of Sinbad’s film career has people convinced this nonexistent genie movie is either the key to proving we’re in the Matrix or confirms we’re in the darkest timeline.

Because who can deny that the timeline in which Sinbad wasn’t in an early ’90s genie movie isn’t the darkest timeline?

So, the internet went back and forth for six months on this whole Sinbad genie movie thing, even getting Snopes involved to prove it never existed. Eventually, most people who swore they remembered Shazaam learned they were experiencing the Mandela Effect — an instance of humans either traveling en masse through parallel universes or sharing a false memory. Mostly the latter.

Even aware of the phenomenon, many believed the mystery still hadn’t been solved. Without a doubt, Sinbad was a genie in a movie called Shazaam in the ’90s. Now, on April 1st, 2017, we know it wasn’t true — Sinbad wasn’t a genie in the ’90s, he was in an April Fool’s video by College Humor in 2017, playing a genie in a movie from the early ’90s.

Clearly, the legions of Shazaam truthers weren’t misremembering or traveling through parallel universes, they were just psychics, collectively willing Sinbad to make this video. Occam’s razor.

(Via The AV Club)