Want To Change The Game? Do A Touchdown Dance #ForThePlayers And See ‘Concussion’

We all have our favorite NFL players. Millions of jerseys have been bought. Posters hung. Living-room touchdown dances done. Game after game, season after season, we watch these athletes put it all on the line for our entertainment, showing off a gridiron grit we can only marvel at through our flat screens.

And some have paid the price. In the new dramatic thriller ‘Concussion’ (opening Dec. 25), Will Smith plays Nigerian-born Dr. Bennet Omalu, who becomes an American hero when he takes on the NFL in hopes of delivering a truth about their sport.

In the spirit of the film’s holiday release, and as a show of solidarity with the players, ‘Concussion’ movie is launching a new initiative called #ForThePlayers in conjunction with MomsTEAM Institute, a non-profit whose interests are in “protecting and safeguarding young athletes from injury and abuse by educating and implementing evidence based research.”

In support of the athletes who risk it all for us every day, America is being asked to do their best touchdown dances to help raise awareness and funds for a great cause à la the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Here are a couple early favorites so far.

It’s a good start.

What’s your touchdown dance? Show us your savviest, most skillful or outrageous touchdown celebration and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube using the hashtag #ForThePlayers. You might just become internet famous. And don’t forget to nominate a friend or two to do the same… people love to embarrass themselves for a good cause. Just watch.

Need further inspiration? Here are some of the best touchdown dances of all-time.

Do your dance. For the players. Starting now.

Good luck!


The ‘Concussion’ movie opens on Dec. 25, 2015.