Marvel’s Spider-Man Movie Might Have A New Title

Despite the previously announced animated Spider-Man film from Sony, the new live-action film from the Sony/Marvel deal is still very much in development. Kevin Feige et al. have been testing young actors left and right for the role of a high school-aged Peter Parker. And now it looks like the latest addition to the studio’s already-packed slate of Phase Three films has a new title.

According to Latino Review‘s own Umberto Gonzalez:


Yes, it’s a Sunday, and yes, this is an unconfirmed report. Considering Gonzalez’s track record, however, this just might be the real deal.

So what do you think about Spider-Man: The New Avenger? On the one hand, it follows the studio’s penchant for subtitles initially established with Captain America: The First Avenger and continued with it and Thor‘s Phase Two sequels. (The Iron Man films ignored this, but whatever.)

I was really hoping Marvel would go for Spectacular Spider-Man or another comic book-derived title. Sure, it’s a bit close to Sony’s use of “Amazing” with the last two films, but the subtitle shtick is becoming tiresome.

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