Spider-Man Reps New York Hard In This Batch Of ‘Homecoming’ Posters

Affable arachnoteen Peter Parker is a proud New Yorker. He represents Queens, contributes to the paper and does a bang-up job of protecting folks across the five boroughs. (If pushed, he’ll lend a hand to the whole tri-state area. He’s a good egg, that Peter Parker.) Three fresh new posters for Spider-Man: Homecoming make a point to underline that our webslinging hero has New York in his blood. Also, in this blood? Radioactivity. That’s a separate subject, mind you. No need to cause a health scare.

Over the past few days, posters have dropped for the summer blockbuster with Spidey enjoying his NYC surroundings. We think he’s enjoying the surroundings. It can be hard to tell with the mask. Here’s a somewhat chilly Spider-Man putting off homework with a rather familiar Marvel building standing tall in the background.

Here’s our hero co-starring with the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center in another new promotional rectangle.

A brand new poster that arrived today plunks Spider-Man on a street sign with the caption “quickest way to get home.” We recommend leaving hanging on signs to the professionals and teenage spider bite victims.

Unlike the last update (a.k.a. The Garfield Era), there seems to be a pretty active cultural appetite for this particular redo. Spidey’s Civil War cameo definitely went a long way in establishing further good will and the Marvel Cinematic Universe sheen has its allure. Filmgoers will be able to sort out the quality of the finished product for themselves on July 7 when Tom Holland makes his solo Spider-Man movie debut.

(Via Deadline)