Stan Lee Explains Why People Love Deadpool

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08.01.16 2 Comments

Stan Lee has had to cut back on convention attendance recently, doing his last Canadian convention appearance this year. His eyesight has degenerated to the point where he can no longer read comic books, but his enthusiasm doesn’t seem to have waned a bit. He spoke to the official Deadpool Twitter account — seemingly from the floor of San Diego Comic-Con — about what makes Deadpool great.

Granted, even though Lee didn’t create the character, you know he’s going to love it when he gets another cameo, even if he’s not allowed to pick favorites. Lee’s cameo in the massively-successful Deadpool, if you missed it, was as the emcee at the strip club where Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) worked. In February, Lee joked that the only downside of that cameo was that he didn’t get to stay in the strip club longer.

Lee’s answer as to why Deadpool is loved doesn’t involve strip clubs, but we believe it’s implied:

“The thing about Deadpool, I think, that makes him so widely loved by fans everywhere is he’s like a real person. He’s not like some fictional hero. He talks the way regular people talk. He thinks the same way. He’s as disrespectful as most people are. You never know what he’ll say or do next. He’s like a guy you wish lived next door to you and would be your best friend because it would always be a lot of fun being with him and there’d always be a lot of unexpected surprises. The best kind of guy to write about or have movies about.” (transcribed by UPROXX)

Strangely, he made no mention of chimichangas or pegging. Hmm. Curious.

(Via Screen Rant and Entertainment Weekly)

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