‘Star Wars’ Doesn’t Belong To Angry Fanboys

04.09.16 3 years ago 103 Comments

A few days ago, Star Wars fans were gifted with the first trailer for December’s Rogue One. Cause for excitement? Everybody likes more Star Wars, right? WRONG. While most fans were delighted by the totally rad trailer, there was the vocal contingent (I know it’s not all of you, so please don’t get all #NotAllMen on me) of fanboys who couldn’t handle the fact that a second Star Wars film was going to have a female protagonist, rebel Jyn Erso played by Felicity Jones. The. Gall. As the YouTube comments quickly became a cesspool of meninism and neckbeards’ tears, many also took to Twitter to express their displeasure over the presence of yet another vagina in their beloved story about space monks and light swords.

Yep. There were two whole women in the entire trailer, so expect a bra burning and mass castration at any moment. Based on a minute-and-a-half of trailer time, the battle cry of “Jyn Erso is a Mary Sue!” began to ring in every corner of the internet. For those who don’t know, a “Mary Sue”is a popular term in fandom for a female character that is perfect, good at everything, and empty, so people can project themselves onto the character. (“Gary Stu” is Mary Sue’s male counterpart, but let’s be real — men rarely, if ever, get accused of this.) Despite being a well-rounded and empathetic character, Rey from The Force Awakens has been accused of being a Mary Sue since day one due to her talents as a pilot and quick grasp of the Force. However, the whole idea of the Mary Sue is an absurd one. Do people make the same claims about Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Captain America, or Batman? Nope, it’s perfectly fine to look like vintage Harrison Ford, swagger in, get the girl, and save the world. Feminist geek site (aptly named) The Mary Sue penned an open letter to fanboys yesterday, calling them out on their bullsh*t. Please, go read it. It’s amazing.

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