‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Set Photo Reveals Two Aircraft We’re Happy To See Again

We already knew the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing would be seen again in Star Wars: Episode VII. The X-Wing featured large in one of J.J. Abrams’ charity videos, and he showed a bit of the Millennium Falcon’s Holochess board in a tweet.

Now Matthew Myatt of Airbourne Aviation flight school in England has inadvertently captured aerial photos of both vehicles under construction at Greenham Common (formerly a Royal Air Force base) while he was snapping stock photos for the school.


Myatt tells Sky News he didn’t even realize he’d photographed the Star Wars: Episode VII set until he checked through the photos after landing. What are the odds? (That was rhetorical. NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS.)

We already know what J.J. Abrams thinks about these set photos.

Via Sky News and Coming Soon