A Leaked Title For ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Hints At Dangerous Times Ahead

Star Wars Celebration will open for fans in July and deliver a massive bundle of Star Wars news. One thing that will likely be confirmed is the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII. But it may have leaked early, and it’s bad news for a few characters.

If you want to avoid spoilers, at least until the trailer arrives, enjoy this GIF as you click away:

Still here? Got your salt shaker ready? OK, then!

GamesRadar has claimed to have seen materials from Celebration, which includes the title. And it is… Star Wars: Fall Of The Resistance.

On the one hand, it seemed likely that the Resistance was going to experience some sort of setback. This is a trilogy, after all. It’s not like the First Order is going to fall in Episode VIII and Episode IX will be Finn holding group therapy sessions with Stormtroopers in order to transition them into a profitable career herding nerfs.

That said, it does feel a bit Empire Strikes Back in tone, and that rings a minor false note. We doubt Rian Johnson is planning a straight remake of Empire, but Disney and Johnson both were likely fully aware of criticism that The Force Awakens felt a wee bit too much like a remake of A New Hope. It would also imply that the nascent Jedi and Sith that anchored the first movie are taking a backseat to Poe Dameron and Finn, possibly in more ways than one.

We’ll find out soon enough, of course. But either way, Episode VIII is likely going to be a tough one for our heroes.

(Via GamesRadar)