Some Guy Already Got A Tattoo Of The Ball Droid In ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

One thing we noticed when collecting memes about last Friday’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is that people seem really excited about the little ball droid character. We don’t even know anything about the character yet. It could be in the movie for ten seconds. It could be a spy for the dark side. It could be totally racist against Wookiees. We don’t know.

But that hasn’t stopped at least one guy from already getting a ball droid tattoo…

Jordan Breckon got the tattoo the day after the trailer dropped, with tattoo artist Tyler Nealeigh trying to match the look of the ball droid from a few seconds of shaky internet footage. Not bad. Although we hope this doesn’t end the same way it did for Seth Rogen’s character in Fanboys. “Ball Droid. That guy’s gonna be the sh*t, I tell you.”

Via Geeks With Curves, Making Star Wars, and @B_wreckin