C-3P0 & R2-D2 Attended The Unveiling Of Japan’s New ‘Star Wars’ Themed Airplane

Almost half a year ago, we reported on an odd bit of Star Wars: The Force Awakens promotion that left many fans’ imaginations soaring amongst the clouds. In April, Japan’s All Nippon Airways partnered with Disney with the plans of making their brand new Dreamliner aircraft look like a giant R2-D2. While, the concept of a giant plane looking like the iconic droid may be odd to some, the image of R2 on any aircraft conjures up fond memories to fans across the globe of the co-pilot doing his thing in Skywalker’s trusty X-Wing.

It has been about five months since the announcement originally hit and on Saturday, the Japanese Airline unveiled their newly painted aircraft in Everett, Washington. In attendance for the festive event — amidst the company’s own staff members — were R2-D2 and his good buddy C-3P0. What makes the above video great is the attention to detail made with the bots as R2 beeped his approval while watching the giant plane be wheeled out for everyone to see. Not for nothing, but the person in the C-3P0 suit has that robot thing down pat!

Keeping in line with all the other Star Wars-themed promotions happening this year, All Nippon Airways will begin offering flights on the Dreamliner on October 18th with flights from Tokyo to Vancouver. Now, I wonder if the flight attendants will dress as members of the Rebel Alliance. That’d be pretty sweet!

(Via Mashable)