Stephen King Reveals His Favorite Actor From All Of His Films

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One of TMZ’s cameramen caught up with Stephen King in Washington, D.C. — where King was presented with the 2014 National Medal of Arts at the White House on Thursday — and the prolific novelist was kind enough to play along for a few minutes and answer some of his questions. First, the cameramen asks King which of his novels he wishes would have been turned into a movie, and King replies “all of them.” Which I guess is fair enough, as long as we’re all on the same page with pretending Gerald’s Game never happened.

He follows up by asking King, out of all of the actors in his films, who is one of his favorites. That’s actually a pretty good question, TMZ guy! From The Shining to Carrie (both of them), to The Shawshank Redemption and Misery, a lot of really good films have been made from Stephen King’s works and are chock full of a veritable cornucopia of talented and award-winning actors.

King doesn’t even have to mull it over, and immediately responds that Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile was his favorite (may he rest in peace). Excellent choice, Mr. King. If anyone stuck it through to the end of Under the Dome last night, a revisit might be just the palate cleanser you need.

(Via TMZ)