Steven Seagal Makes His Bromance With Vladimir Putin Official, Becomes Russian Citizen

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History is littered with legendary couples: Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose. But no romance is greater than the one between Putin and Seagal. Not even a chilly relationship between their home countries could keep them apart. Steven Seagal, the star of such Troy McClure-esque action movie classics as Half Past Dead and Today You Die, became seriously interested with all things Russia in 2013, when he was hired as a spokesperson for firearms manufacturer ORSIS. It’s around this time that Seagal met oft-shirtless Russia president Vladimir Putin. It was love at first sight. “The first time I walked into his home,” he said, “I saw a life-sized statue of Kano Jigoro, who is the founder of judo, so I was immediately taken and impressed and sort of wanting to get to know this man deeper and deeper.”

Now their love is official.

Russia has granted citizenship to Steven Seagal via a decree from president Vladimir Putin, published on the Kremlin’s official website.

Under the Russian constitution, the president has authority over “issues of citizenship of the Russian Federation and the granting of asylum”… Seagal automatically became a Russian citizen as soon as the decree was published, and he doesn’t have to officially accept it. There was no immediate known reaction from Seagal. (Via)

Seagal accepting Putin’s proposal is a mere formality. He will — you won’t believe what happens next — obviously say yes, and then they can spend their days together riding horses while wearing ill-fitting kimonos and listening to blues-y derp-rock. Do you think Seagal knows “My Heart Will Go On”?

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)