Steven Spielberg Is Looking To Adapt (But Not Remake) One Of The Most Exciting Movies Of The 1960s

Steven Spielberg had a rare flop with his recent take on West Side Story, though it wasn’t a complete failure: Not only was it critically acclaimed but it was also nominated for seven Oscars. Indeed, he’s already got his next projects lined up. There’s the semi-autobiographical movie he’s making with Seth Rogen and David Lynch. Now he’s working on a movie about the hero of one of the most exciting blockbusters of the 1960s.

That movie is Bullitt, the 1968 thriller starring Steve McQueen in one of his signature roles, playing a turtleneck-loving San Francisco detective who gets into what many consider cinema history’s finest car chase. As per Deadline, Spielberg has no interest in remaking it. What he does want to do is make a movie about McQueen’s Frank Bullitt, with a completely different storyline.

Of course, who could fill McQueen’s shoes? Spielberg could always tap Damien Lewis, who played McQueen himself in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And despite following Frank Bullitt on a different case, surely one of the most kinetic filmmakers in history will feel compelled to grace us with another top shelf car chase. After all, Spielberg’s first movie (albeit made for TV) was Duel, a feature length ode to automotive mayhem. In the meantime, enjoy that classic car chase, which will be hard to beat, even for Spielberg.

(Via Deadline)