Steven Spielberg Might Direct Chris Pratt In ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot

Rumors have been swirling that Disney wants to cast Chris Pratt in an Indiana Jones reboot. While the star seems to be locked, there remains no word on whether or not Steven Spielberg will return to the director’s chair. A new report now suggests he’s hoping to do just that:

It’s very early days, but my sources tell me that, assuming a script comes in to his satisfaction, Spielberg hopes to direct that film. (via Deadline)

Spielberg was apparently vital in casting Pratt in Jurassic World, which wouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The famous director has often used other DreamWorks franchises to find new stars, as was the case for Shia LaBeouf’s move from Transformers to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

While LaBeouf’s reception was mixed, it’s possible Pratt will come to the franchise with the kind of street-cred an Indiana Jones reboot needs in order to prevent audiences from thinking, “Man, I sure with Harrison Ford was here.”

Source: Deadline